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Montori Giulia


Web Designer Web Developer


Rome, IT


I am a Freelance Web Designer/Web Developer! I love clear and minimalistic graphic!


I’m Giulia and I’m living in Rome.

I am a Web Designer/Developer.

I like everything about GOOD GRAPHIC, but my true love is web design, so I decided to go deep in the heart of the web: the code.

During my studies I worked as a barman, also managing the order, the payment and the customer.
After the certificate I worked little more than two years in a web agency where I covered lot of roles: web designer, hardware and software assistant, and teacher, but mostly web developer.
In that time in the weekend I also worked as a promoter for HP for several month and for a small period for nescafé.
When I realized that I could do it on my own, I started to work as a freelance.
From 2013 I’ve done lot of works, mostly web site based on wordpress, but also support many client in solving problem on their domain or website!
In this period I finally found the time to recreate a music band, but differently from the past when I sing in Hard Rock bands, this time I create an acustic duo with which we played in many places in the center of Rome!

Passions? Oh, I’ve got lots of passions! Music(ing), Graphic(ing), Sing(ing), Computer(ing), Photography(ing), Read(ing), Snowboard(ing)

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